February 01, 2023 2 min read

Prebiotic Chicory Root Fibre - What are the benefits for your dog?

By supporting the good bacteria, prebiotics help to improve digestion and nutrient absorption (especially minerals) and enhance the immune system. Prebiotics are broken down by the bacteria in the large intestine and used like an energy source to encourage beneficial bacterial growth. Chicory root is a natural fibre source that humans have used for generations, which has recently gained a reputation as a safe and effective dog food ingredient. Unlike other synthetic prebiotics, Chicory is a natural, unprocessed alternative that is both palatable and good for your dog. Chicory root is used as an ingredient in DoggyRade Prebiotic Chewies. 

What is chicory?

Chicory is a blue flowering plant which belongs to the dandelion family. Inulin can be found in its root, which is a type of prebiotic. This can also be found in other foods such as wheat, onions, bananas, garlic and asparagus (please aware that garlic and onion are toxic to dogs). Recently, this superfood has made the jump to dog food and is known for its ability to enhance the complex systems of our canine companions.

What functions does a healthy gut flora have?

Though less obvious than a shiny coat or high energy levels, a healthy digestive system is an unseen, yet important part of your pet’s health. Taking care of it can decrease costly vet trips and increase your dog’s healthy years.

  • It is an important part of the immune system and fights pathogenic germs
  • It forms important vitamins (e.g. vitamin B2, B12, K) which the intestine can absorb through its mucous membrane
  • They split indigestible food particles like fibres
  • Some bacteria can make carcinogenic and toxic substances ineffective

When should you give prebiotics or probiotics to your dog?

Just like humans, animals are prone to getting sick in the cold winter months. It is recommended that you offer your dog’s prebiotics during the winter months to help strengthen their immune system. DoggyRade Prebiotic Chewies are an excellent source of prebiotic fibre for your dog, and they’re tasty too!

If your dog's intestinal flora is impaired due to digestive disorders or intestinal diseases, you can strengthen your dog's intestinal bacteria with the help of prebiotics and probiotics. Chicory is a natural, unprocessed alternative to synthetic prebiotics.

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea, prebiotics can be very useful. Vets often also recommend prebiotics to support the intestine if a dog needs to take antibiotics for several days due to bacterial illnesses. DoggyRade Pro is a healthy prebiotic rehydration drink for dogs that has been specially formulated to help dogs recover from intestinal disorders such as acute diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

It is nearly impossible to give your dog too many prebiotics and if your dog has been given an excess dose, their body will just use what they need and excrete the rest. Side effects are usually quite mild but they may cause your dog to show some side effects like flatulence, bloating and sometimes diarrhea. All of our products are specially formulated by veterinarians with doses recommended for different dog sizes.