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KittyRade gewinnt den Cat Food Functional Diet Product of the Year Award

Tonisity freut sich, bekannt geben zu können, dass sein isotonisches Getränk für Katzen bei den dritten jährlich stattfindenden Pet Innovation Awards als "Cat Food Functional Diet Product of the Year"...

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DoggyRade en Mundo Del Perro

Nuevas bebidas isotónicas de rehidratación para perros

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KittyRade en Mundo del Gatto

Fomente la ingesta segura de líquidos con una nueva bebida isotónica para gatos. Read more

Edition Dog - Keep your dog happy and hydrated this summer

Do you know if your dog is drinking enough fluids? Is it getting the right nutrients in what it drinks? In the case of pet owners, when we exercise, we need sports drinks to help replace what we lose during longer duration exercise, especially in the heat. Whether your dog is a working dog, sporty dog or just an active family member, it needs more than just water to rehydrate. Read more


DoggyRade and KittyRade feature in the January and February British VOGUE issues! We are so excited to be featured in British VOGUE magazine! DoggyRade featured in a New Leash of...

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