DoggyRade Pro Guía de usuario


DoggyRade Pro se puede utilizar tanto para pacientes que acuden a la consulta como para pacientes hospitalizados. Un perro con un caso típico y leve de gastroenteritis u otras enfermedades puede recibir DoggyRade Pro para beber en casa. Consulte la Sección 3 a continuación para conocer las pautas de administración. Los pacientes que están más gravemente enfermos y requieren hospitalización también se beneficiarán de DoggyRade Pro. Muchos pacientes enfermos o con lesiones graves no comen voluntariamente o pueden no tolerar dietas normales, lo que prolonga su estancia hospitalaria. DoggyRade Pro puede ayudar a preparar el intestinopara una ingesta normal de alimentos.

DoggyRade Pro is highly palatable and ready-to-use. No further mixing or dilution is required. It is best administered at room temperature, or slightly warmed to about 30 C.

Because DoggyRade Pro is highly palatable, many patients will voluntarily drink it even in the face of mild nausea. DoggyRade Pro can also be administered orally using a normal syringe. Because of the significant benefits of early enteral nutrition, tube feeding (nasoesophageal or nasogastric) should be considered if the patient will not voluntarily drink or eat in the first 12 hours following admission to the hospital.

DoggyRade Pro should be started at 1 ml/kg/hr, usually given every 4 hrs the first day. The volume can be increased by 50% every 12-24 hours if it is being well tolerated. The stomach of the dog (and humans) normally receives approximately 1.5 ml/kg/h of fluid composed of a combination of saliva and gastric secretions.10, 11 The volume of DoggyRade Pro initially administered is not likely to worsen nausea, vomiting or gastric distention.

For patients who are vomiting, small amounts of DoggyRade Pro can still be considered. If vomiting is more frequent than every 4 hours or if the feeding triggers vomiting, the volume should be decreased by 50% for 8-12 hours and then increased again as tolerated. It is important to try and keep a steady flow of micronutrients to the intestinal cells, even though it may only be a small amount. This approach to microenteral nutrition is preferable to ‘nothing by mouth’, with the goal of ensuring that the intestinal cells are ready to resume normal activity when the acute situation has resolved.

It should be noted that patients that are losing large volumes of fluids due to their underlying disease may need additional parenteral or enteral fluid support, to support adequate cardiovascular status and hydration. DoggyRade Pro is formulated to support intestinal function, at low volumes. Veterinarians should also note DoggyRade Pro is not a significant source of calories, as it contains 11.4 kcal/100 ml, or 0.11 kcal/ml. DoggyRade Pro is not intended to provide balanced nutrition. It is intended to serve as a transitional support product. After 24-48 hours on DoggyRade Pro, most patients are ready to move on to more calorie-dense products, such as recovery/ critical care diets or other intestinal support diets.