May 18, 2022 1 min read

Anthony Le Bouquin, World Canicross Championships Competitor

"In October 2021 during the challenge of Pledran, I visited the Tom&Co stand with whom we have a good relationship and despite the 100km distance between us, we often make the journey to their store. That day, I was looking for a recovery product for my large, young dog "PAGGA", when a young salesman offered him DoggyRade. He was very appreciative and even looked for more! No stomach problems or diarrhea, optimal digestibility and good recovery as a result!

We took a pack of DoggyRade 250ml and following this, we recommended it on the internet! After a good performance at the World Championships in Pledran during which we qualified, I met François (DoggyRade) and we spoke between the two races. I told him that we were completely satisfied with this product for recovery of PAGGA after the race. That day, a person parked within a couple of metres of our car was giving some to his dog and this was enough to awaken PAGGA's sense of smell! PAGGA consumed some between his race on the Saturday and Sunday, he gave us a very good performance that weekend.

In short:
Very good recovery after the race. Optimal digestibility and palatability. It gave us a very good performance.”