February 16, 2022 2 min read

How DoggyRade Keeps Dogs Active

When completing a strenuous activity, it is vital for dogs, just like humans, to stay hydrated and replenish electrolytes lost through sweat. One satisfied client recalls how she utilised DoggyRade to keep her dog active and boost his energy when completing extreme exercise:

“On August 23, 2021, we started our long journey on the Camino de Santiago. This Spanish pilgrimage route starts across various parts of the country and leads to the city of Santiago de Compostela.

We decided to start from the town of Tui along the Portuguese way. We walked an average of 20km a day for six consecutive days. My dog is inexperienced in completing this level of exercise, so we had to make sure he was properly cared for. To do this extensive walk with a pet can be harsh on their hydration and nutrition levels.

To keep our puppy Budi hydrated and give him an extra boost of energy, we relied on DoggyRade isotonic drinks. DoggyRade is a low-calorie isotonic drink with a tasty chicken flavour that our little puppy loves. DoggyRade provided a refreshing, energy-boosting treat for our dog throughout the long journey. On top of that, DoggyRade packets are light and easy to carry which makes it the perfect option to transport with us on our big adventure! 

During our trip, we met several dogs along the way who needed a boost of energy and rehydration. To aid them, we offered them DoggyRade to try. All the dogs loved it and we are ready to continue their exploration in no time!


Additionally to Budi's struggle to stay hydrated throughout the trip, we also had to be aware of the high temperature. Many of the days throughout the journey were extremely hot and put an extra strain on Budi’s health. The DoggyRade team had prepared us for this by kindly sending us a cooling vest that you can wet to refresh your pet and protect them from the scalding sun. If you are thinking of taking a trip with your pet, I encourage you to pack some DoggyRade for your pet’s health. Knowing that DoggyRade provided us with such amazing products for our little puppy, to aid him throughout, made the journey more enjoyable for all of us!”

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