November 30, 2023 2 min read

Lightning Strikes Flyball 2023 Update

What a season it has been for Lightning Strikes Flyball! After enduring a period of very hot weather in the UK, the dogs have consistently delivered exceptional performances. DoggyRade has helped play a small part in ensuring their health and hydration is optimised, enabling them to excel at the sport they love.

Outdoor Season Begins!

Their outdoor season commenced shortly after Easter, marked by numerous show attendances leading up to the summer championships in August. Hosting the local flyball championships, they fielded four teams, each aiming for excellence!

On the first day, the teams engaged in speed trials, aiming for the best possible team time to secure a favourable re-seeding for the weekend's competition. Lightning Storm, Team 4, secured a place in Division 8. Lightning Flash, Team 3, secured a spot in Division 3. Lightning Bolt, Team 2, earned a place in Division 2, while the formidable Team 1, Lightning Strikes, claimed a coveted spot in Division 1. It's worth noting that they achieved these placements among a total of 30 divisions, a feat that filled them with pride.

Lightning Storm showcased immense determination throughout the day, leading to a thrilling three-way tie for first place. Ultimately, the tiebreaker came down to time, and they secured a respectable third place. Lightning Flash put up an impressive fight and finished fifth, with closely contested races that often came down to a mere five legs. The dogs really pushed themselves to the limit, necessitating their trusty DoggyRade.

Lightning Bolt, composed entirely of pedigree border collies, demonstrated their dominance by winning all their races and becoming the champions of Division 2. They even clinched the title of the fastest single pedigree team in the entire tournament.

The culmination of their efforts came with Lightning Strikes, who battled fiercely against the fastest teams in the tournament, emerging as the Outdoor British Flyball Champions of 2023. This remarkable achievement marked them as both the Indoor and Outdoor champions simultaneously. The dogs' enthusiasm for racing was matched by their need for proper fueling and hydration, and as always, DoggyRade proved to be their trusted companion!

Exciting Plans for 2024

With several winter tournaments on the horizon, it's time to focus on the next training plan in preparation for the upcoming season. Exciting events are undoubtedly on the horizon, and the team eagerly anticipates the challenges and victories ahead. As the saying goes,"Champions don't show up and get everything they want; they show up and give everything they have."

We are looking forward to seeing what 2024 will look like for the Lightning Strikes teams.

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