June 16, 2022 2 min read

KittyRade & YummyRade now available in Fressnapf Stores across Germany

KittyRade and YummyRade prebiotic pet nutrition products have launched this summer in Fressnapf stores in Germany. The Fressnapf Group is Europe's number one in pet supplies, offering a comprehensive, competent network for animal lovers and pet owners with over 800 stores in Germany. In addition to pet food, they also present a wide range of pet accessories and services in their stores.

KittyRade is an award-winning prebiotic drink for cats that encourages optimum hydration. Cats are notoriously fussy drinkers and dislike plain water due to its chlorine taste. Because of this, it is estimated that one in three cats will suffer from kidney disease in their life. KittyRade is formulated by veterinarians, and is packed full of natural fibre prebiotics, amino acids and electrolytes. KittyRade can be given to your cat alongside water to keep their kidneys healthy by helping avoid dehydration and encouraging your cat to drink more fluid. KittyRade has a highly palatable chicken flavour and in taste tests, cats drink NINE times more KittyRade than water. Electrolytes help the body to regulate chemical reactions and maintain the balance between fluids inside and outside cells, and electrolyte imbalances can lead to kidney problems. Electrolytes also have a close relationship with the immune system. Sodium and potassium (the two electrolytes present in KittyRade) working together, controls what enters the cells. Prebiotics and amino acids help support intestinal function and can restore the ability to adequately absorb nutrients such as vitamins. KittyRade can also be frozen and given to your cat as a delicious cooling treat, perfect for warm summer weather!

YummyRade is an award-winning healthy, prebiotic meal topper, specially formulated to enhance the taste of pet food, ideal for both cats and dogs on special diets.  It provides a flavour boost that encourages cats and dogs to eat dry or tasteless food, without having to worry about weight gain or digestive issues, unlike other meal enhancers on the market. Dry pet food often lacks the digestive enzymes that are found in raw foods, a lack of variety and contains lots of grain that many pets are ill-equipped to handle. YummyRade contains prebiotics for good gut health, overall intestinal function and immune health as well as electrolytes and amino acids to support hydration. Prebiotics are special plant fibres that can be used by healthy bacteria, and help them to grow in your pet’s gut, and as a result their digestive system works better. They are carbohydrates that the body cannot digest and so act as a source of food for their gut’s healthy bacteria. It has been shown that pets who consume prebiotics are less likely to suffer with gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea. YummyRade is also hypoallergenic, gluten and grain-free and non-GMO and is formulated by veterinarians. Make every meal time your pet’s favourite!


If you see KittyRade or YummyRade in a Fressnapf store near you, send a picture with the name and location of the store to and win a box of either of your choice!