Chicken - Advanced Intestinal Support Drink for Dogs

DoggyRade Pro provides advanced intestinal support with glutamine and prebiotics.

Specifically, DoggyRade Pro provides nutritional support for gastrointestinal function. Amino acids and prebiotics help promote the growth of beneficial gut flora. Use DoggyRade Pro to help keep your dog in peak condition.

  • Can be used for support in a variety of situations
  • Electrolytes and easily absorbable nutrients can help during times of increased need
  • Use pre- and post-whelping when demand for nutrients and fluid is increased
  • Use after intense physical exertion when the body can require support to regain a normal balance of fluids
  • Recommended for directly feeding the intestinal cells with key nutrients

Support and restore your dog’s:
Gut Health • Immune Health • Digestive Health • Optimum Hydration

What's Inside

Filtered water, hydrolysed chicken protein, glucose, minerals.

(mmol/L): Na 56, K 20, Cl 57, P 8.3.

(Per kg): Glycine 3000mg, l-glutamic acid 2500mg. Zootechnical Additives (Per kg): Fructo-oligosaccharide 2000mg, Technological Additives (Per kg): Xanthan gum 1200mg (emulsifier), Phosphoric acid.

11.4kcal/ 100g

<10 kg: ~ 50 ml

10-25 kg: ~ 75 ml

>25 kg: ~ 125 ml