Chicken Prebiotic Drink for Dogs - 500ml

DoggyRade prebiotic isotonic drinks support intestinal health in dogs.
Available in chicken and duck flavours.

This delicious chicken drink is made with high-quality hydrolysed chicken, meaning it is processed to remove the allergenic proteins and is safe even for pets with chicken allergies. It is sure to be a hit with your dog.

It contains natural fibre prebiotics, electrolytes and amino acids to support a targeted nutrition approach. Prebiotics increase the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the gut, supporting good gut health, improving digestion and nutrient absorption. Electrolytes help dogs rehydrate quickly, helping them return to normal function more effectively. Amino acids help their body function properly.

DoggyRade prebiotic isotonic drinks support:
Gut Health • Immune Health • Digestive Health • Optimum Hydration

What's Inside

Filtered water, hydrolysed chicken protein, glucose, minerals.

NaCl 0.35%, K 0.07%, Na 0.11%, P 0.03%.

(Per kg): Glycine 3500mg. Zootechnical Additives (Per kg): Fructo-oligosaccharide 1000mg. Technological Additives (Per kg): Xanthan gum 1200mg (emulsifier), Phosphoric acid.

11kcal/ 100g

<10 kg: ~ 50 ml

10-25 kg: ~ 75 ml

>25 kg: ~ 125 ml