The answer depends on various factors from the size of dog to the size of the litter, so there is no hard and fast rule, but your bitch should be able to drink as regularly as she wants. For small and toy breeds, our packaging is re-sealable and can be kept refrigerated once opened so a 500ml pouch split over the course of a day will help.

For larger breeds and larger litter sizes providing up to four or five DoggyRade 500ml pouches a day to be given at regular intervals. The additional electrolytes and prebiotics provide vital extra nutritional and intestinal support.

DoggyRade should be provided right up until the pups are weaned but as demand for milk decreases you can decrease the amount you give although mum may not thank you for it!

DoggyRade is intended for use from six weeks of age, but you may well find that your pups are fascinated by it and will want to share mum’s DoggyRade. This is fine, they will love it as much as she does.

DoggyRade is low in fat and calories, so is not a substitute for food, but during weaning the addition of a little DoggyRade to the puppy’s solid food will almost certainly make the transition to solids a little easier. In addition, prebiotics can help the digestive system adapt to the rapid changes from mothers’ milk to food.

We all know that changes in diet, environment, stress and even water can cause an upset tummy in dogs/ pups. It is critically important that your dog/puppy always stays hydrated, especially if they are experiencing vomiting and/or diarrhea. With diarrhea, they can very quickly become dehydrated, in some cases as quickly as a couple of hours.

Water alone is not enough during these times; electrolytes are essential to retain fluids. DoggyRade and DoggyRade Pro (for more severe cases) can provide much-needed electrolytes to aid in quick recovery from stomach upsets, and the added prebiotics can aid in the digestive system’s recovery.

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