I have three Sighthounds who love to run and play, but are also extremely picky with their food. I tried DoggyRade as an after exercise treat and they all loved it! There was even some bowl swapping going on as they all wanted to make sure they got the very last drop. I was delighted to find a product that was both nutritional and a healthy treat, and would happily recommend it! – Jennifer, Ireland


The best part of DoggyRade for my dog is the high palatability. I leave the water bowl available for my dog and I add this drink to his meal mixed with his kibble. It adds to the taste and provides hydration and helps with digestion. I highly recommend DoggyRade - Tiffany, France


DoggyRade is great for dogs and they love it! All my dogs drink it every day and they all go crazy when they see the little bottle. - Shirley, France


DoggyRade is super palatable and there are no weak points except that my dog still wants it! I was a bit sceptical so I spoke to my vet who told me that prebiotics are excellent for health. My dog loves them, I tried them in comparison with water and there is no comparison, he emptied his bowl. Very practical to make him drink after a long walk. - Ange, France


My Sury really likes Doggy Rade. DoggyRade has done her bowels a lot of good and I have noticed that she has more energy than usual. She is also well hydrated. DoggyRade will be an everyday part of my Sury's life ❤️ - Fatima, Portugal


My dogs take part in intense trainings. I give my dogs DoggyRade Pro to help with their recovery after exercice and not only do I see better and faster post-exercise recoveries, but I also have noticed an increase in their performance and yield. DoggyRade offers a wide variety of essential minerals which supply more oxygen to the muscles and increase heart rate, so it is perfect for high-performance dogs like mine! Additionally, my dogs have recently been suffering from gastritis and DoggyRade allowed me to limit their dehydration because it was the only thing they ingested. -  Three-Time European Carincross Champion,  Antony Le Moigne


We breed Australian shepherds & recently we had 2 litters within 3 weeks with a total of 10 puppies. When weaning the puppies, we used DoggyRade in between meals. The puppies all LOVED DoggyRade.We have 5 adult dogs in the home & we love to use DoggyRade after longer walks/runs - Svava Bjork Asgeirsdottir, Breeder


In October 2021 during the challenge of Pledran, I visited the Tom&Co stand and I was looking for a recovery product for my large, young dog when a young salesman offered him DoggyRade. He was very appreciative and even looked for more! No stomach problems or diarrhea, optimal digestibility, and good recovery as a result! - Anthony Le Bouquin,World Canicross Championship Competitor


My 12 1/2-year-old black Labrador Avon was extremely sick and struggling with diarrhea. I gave Avon DoggyRade, and it did magic for her. Her dehydration issue has been solved, her diarrhea has been solved, and her appetite has returned to normal. I'm so happy and so grateful to the creators of DoggyRade. Thank you for helping and for being there - Sammy, USA


I have recently come across DoggyRade Pro and I cannot speak highly enough of it. My Terrier Cross struggles terribly in winter with kennel cough, and I dread the season every year. My spunky, companion turns into a listless soul. The last time I was particularly worried as even though he was on a course of antibiotics, he seemed to be getting worse. I was up with him one night as he dry heaved and whined constantly. You can feel helpless to see your pet in that way. DoggyRade Pro was recommended to me, and I jumped at the opportunity to try it. After 1 dose in the evening, I was shocked at the change that I saw. He was a different animal in the morning; playful, energetic, and ready for action. Food that he had been avoiding was eaten in one go and he seemed to lap up water with extra zeal. To say that DoggyRade Pro has helped is an understatement, I’m so grateful for and in awe of the product. It is now an essential item in my household. - Tony, South Africa


KittyRade is a fantastic product. My cat has to take a liquid medication for a potassium deficiency, it's usually very difficult to get him to take it but mixed with KittyRade he laps it up. So helpful and he absolutely loves it. Would highly recommend this product! – Tara, Scotland


I was lucky enough to be selected to test this product and my cat loves it. He has kidney problems and when I give it to him alone or I mix it with his paste he eats more willingly. I am very happy with how it has helped my cat and I recommend it. - Steph, France


Very good product that I did not know about previously. My Nouchka loved it, and it helps to hydrate my cat. A great discovery, I greatly recommend it - Blouna, France


One of the main benefits of KittyRade for me is that it encourages proper hydration of cats. I love this product because of its composition, which allows the cat to hydrate themselves and provides calcium for good health. I bought it for my cat, Sanka, and he loves it. - Cecilia, France


I recently tried KittyRade with one of my cats it was a success. He didn't hesitate to drink it, he even liked it a lot and he has been taking it every month for a while now. - Shirley, France

I have an old dog (17) who lost too much weight. Drinking is not a problem but she doesn’t want to eat her kidney food. I mix three different kinds of foods at the moment. YummyRade made a big difference. Now she has returned back to normal weight. Amazing! – Maria, Norway


My dog loves YummyRade! This is the best product I have found to encourage my dog to eat his kibble! I have tried other products but they are often too high in fat which is not good for my dog. YummyRade has prebiotics so it's perfect for better digestion. -  "crazybeagle", France


My cat finds YummyyRade is very tasty. My cat is 8 years old and sometimes snubs his kibbles. As soon as I put YummyRade in his mouth, he eats his dose of kibble again. - Bodo, France