July 11, 2022 2 min read

DoggyRade: An Effective Tool for Positive Reinforcement Training for Your Dog

Like children, who are rewarded for good behaviour to encourage similar behaviour, the same concept works when training dogs. Quite simply, dogs care about praise and that is usually in the form of treats or toys. Positive reinforcement training is an educational technique that works by reinforcing successes, achievement and progress and avoids highlighting mistakes, errors and weaknesses. A dog is then encouraged and motivated to continue the positive behaviours and not punished for the negative.

Consistency is key

This type of training is based on the notion of reward and is particularly beneficial as it allows the animal to enjoy the training.The reward motivates the dog to perform the right behaviour.  When a dog is rewarded quickly and consistently when learning new skills, it learns twice as fast. Treats help to reinforce this process during training sessions.

Get the family involved

Positive reinforcement works best if the dog is not getting mixed messages and so it’s a great opportunity to get the whole family involved in dog training. Unlike other training methods that punish the dog, this technique doesn't require dog trainers to speak in a strong tone of voice, use strength, or put yourself in a vulnerable position/potential danger. Under supervision, children can be encouraged to train the dog too.

Choosing the right reward

To be effective, treats should be:

  • Appetising
  • Practical to use
  • Hypocaloric (so that it is not necessary to adapt the regime for repeated use)

Following these criteria, DoggyRade is the perfect reward. In comparison to other treats on the market, DoggyRade (no matter the amount) has no satiating effect on dogs and is extremely low in calories. In addition to this, it will provide fluid, electrolytes and nutrients lost during the training process, as well as prebiotics to support digestive health. This helps quicken recovery.

You can order DoggyRade on our online store here or visit our stockists page here to see where you can buy instore.