DoggyRade Pro is an isotonic rehydration solution used to provide early enteral nutritional support to dogs. Even only small amounts of enterally-delivered nutrients have been shown to make a big difference to sick dogs! It helps maintain gastrointestinal (GI) mucosal blood flow and decrease the incidence of stress ulcers.

Anorexia is common in sick or seriously injured patients, which can rapidly lead to illnesses such as GI mucosal atrophy and cholestasis. Many sick patients cannot tolerate the caloric density and fat content of standard nutrition products in the early phases of their illness, but DoggyRade Pro provides an alternative strategy… 

DoggyRade Pro contains water purified by reverse osmosis, amino acids, electrolytes, dextrose and prebiotics. It’s a refreshing low-calorie drink to help dogs recover from intestinal disorders such as acute diarrhea, support rehydration and intestinal function.

How can DoggyRade Pro help?

Our sick pets may not voluntarily eat or be able to tolerate normal diets, but DoggyRade Pro is a highly-palatable, ready-to-drink solution that helps dogs rehydrate quickly. Providing it as an early enteral nutrition solution at the beginning of the patient’s hospital stay, will encourage maintenance of normal GI function, help with healing and allow a smoother and earlier transition back to a normal diet. 

Every sick or injured animal will benefit from early enteral nutrition, especially in severe trauma or immediately post-op. And if it is anticipated that the patient will not voluntarily eat within 12 hours, an attempt should be made to start DoggyRade Pro within six hours of admission to hospital. 

What are the benefits of the key DoggyRade Pro ingredients?

Amino Acids

Glutamine is an amino acid derived from glutamic acid. It plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of the gut barrier, and is the preferred fuel source for other rapidly dividing cells such as lymphocytes and fibroblasts, especially during times of critical illness. 


The prebiotics are naturally-occurring substances that provide beneficial effects on digestion through their activity in the large intestine. They have important anti-inflammatory effects; help increase the concentrations of beneficial bacteria and may also decrease harmful bacteria.


Glycine has been shown to improve intestinal mucosal morphology and hasten the resolution of diarrhea. Glycine also enhances the uptake of glucose from the gut. 


Glucose enhances sodium and water absorption which enhances mucosal blood flow.


DoggyRade Pro contains a maintenance level of sodium and potassium – equivalent to what the body normally loses daily through urine and faeces. 

DoggyRade Pro is designed and created by veterinarians, for the use in veterinary patients. Most sick or injured animals will benefit from the fast hydration and other added benefits of DoggyRade Pro. The delicious taste entices the animals to drink which not only helps increase fluid intake, but it comes in a flavour profile they will love!