April 11, 2021 1 min read

Kidney problems for cats’ lack of fluid intake

Cat owners are well aware how fussy their cats are when it comes to fluid intake. A cat’s decision to drink is based on a few different variables including bowl location, the freshness of water, the taste and even if they feel they are being watched. Felines are predatory animals by nature and in the wild would attain most of their fluids through their prey. For instance, mice contain almost 70% water, which is why they are one of a cat’s favourites. 

Domestic cats are known to prefer running water over still water. It is assumed they are suspicious over still water and attribute freshness to running water. Cats also dislike having their food bowls and water bowls too close together. They do this to avoid contaminating their water and is a common feline trait.

A normal cat requires about 50ml of water per kilo of bodyweight per day. If they don’t drink enough fluids it can lead to potential health issues. In fact, one in three cats experience some form of kidney disease, which can correlate to a lack of fluid intake. Kidney disease is a leading cause of illness in cats and one of the most common reasons for visits to the vet.

Encouraging your cat to drink enough fluids is the simplest way of gaining peace of mind. KittyRade was formulated by veterinarians to encourage reliable, daily hydration in cats with a delicious chicken taste and a low salt content. KittyRade also contains prebiotics to support gut health, improve digestion and facilitate nutrient absorption.