January 13, 2023 2 min read

Lightning Strikes Flyball - 2022 Highlights

What a year it has been for Lightning Strikes flyball team! DoggyRade are very proud sponsors and supporters of everything they have achieved this year, in what was their most successful season on record.

Key moments of 2022

  • Indoor Champions 2022
  • Outdoor Runners Up 2022
  • Lightning Storm Winning Division 4 at Outdoor Championships
  • 6th place at the World Championships
  • 2nd place in the Quarter Finals at Crufts
  • Achieving a time of sub 15 for the first time, both indoor (14.81s) and outdoor (14.89s)
  • Border Collie record - 15.28s
  • Fastest Pedigree Team at The World Championships, Indoor & Outdoor Championships
  • Division 1 wins - 15 out of 19
  • Debut seasons for dogs Kookachoo, Drizzt, Snitch and Majik who have exceeded expectations and gone from strength to strength

Lightning Strikes have proudly said, “We are a team that allows every dog to race, no matter what speed they are or whatever limitations they might have. Our priority is, and always will be to make sure the dogs are comfortable in whatever capacity necessary to enjoy their fun time.”

The Lightning Strikes flyball team currently consists of:

1 x Shetland Sheepdog

1 x Border Whippet

1 x Mixbreed

17 x Border Collies - all of which are related!!

Some winter flyball training tips from the award-winning team:

  • In colder weather, dogs may not always want to drink and it may not be possible to keep them fully hydrated with water. DoggyRade is a fantastic way to ensure they’re always hydrated as they can’t resist the taste! 
  • When competing and training, the dogs often wait in cars/vans for their turns so it is important to ensure they have more thorough warm ups and cool downs to make sure their muscles are ready. Providing warmer bedding/coats/fleeces to keep muscles warmer can also help
  • The winter often brings bad weather meaning its more difficult to get out and train. Make sure to provide enough mental stimulation for your dog to keep them entertained. Chews, boredom busters, trick training, indoor games are great ways to keep your dog active!
  • Good health and nutrition all year round is vital for the all round well-being and performance. (This is important no matter how much physical bits you do)
  • More wet weather can cause surfaces to be slippery, make sure to warm up before walks before so they don't strain anything