April 11, 2021 2 min read


We’ve all been told what’s good for us – plenty of sleep, exercise, and staying well hydrated. The same thing that is good for us is good for all family members including the four-footed ones! Though our pets tend to get lots of sleep (although that might have changed with this pandemic and more families staying at home!), many dogs do not get nearly enough exercise. What better way to deal with the stress of the pandemic than to get outside and make sure everybody gets some activity and fresh air? Like us, our pets need a healthy level of activity – every day. 

What do humans do when they play sport or exert a lot of energy? Drink a sports drink! But a sports drink for dogs…really?? YES!! Studies have recently shown that an animal’s brain actually knows when it needs water, or when it needs more than just water, like after activity or exercise.  When you give your dog DoggyRadeyou are providing exactly that.

So whether your dog is a working dog, sporty dog or an active family member, vigorous activity calls for more than just water to rehydrate. Now you can rehydrate your dog with a new, healthy and delicious drink named DoggyRade! Your dog will think it’s a treat, but you will know you are providing them with the additional electrolytes and nutrients that their body needs to replenish itself. 

DoggyRade is a low-calorie isotonic drink that encourages fast hydration in dogs. Its chicken taste makes it a delicious treat for dogs, increasing their fluid intake and helping them rehydrate quickly after exercise. It contains the necessary electrolytes to help dogs rehydrate, and prebiotics to support gut health, improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Give your dog a refreshing, energy-boosting treat they will love!